Il mio nuovo MyBlog

Questo è un articolo (o post) di esempio per il tuo nuovo blog su MyBlog 🙂 Puoi modificarne titolo o testo, inserire immagini e video o, se vuoi, cancellarlo. Inizia subito a scrivere sul tuo blog ciò che più ti piace e ti interessa, pensa alle persone che lo leggeranno (da pc, da smartphone e da tablet) e buoni post! … Continua a leggere

Split times of the run

We was waiting about. All the times about the marathon of the race of the Tripledecaironman Italy 2013, closed 20 days ago in Parco La Quiete, in Loanto (BS). As you know the Ironman has done of swin, ride bike, and run and here we have the times, day by day, for each athletes, tripledeca and deca. Li stavamo aspettando. … Continua a leggere

“This is a story about a man…”

Very cool ! Jan Kurtz send me a fantastic document about an interview CBS realized with Wayne Kurtz. It’s the local CBS of Pittsburgh and the journalist is Brenda Waters. Clic on this link and you’ll see the whole interview inside the evening daily news on the television. FANTASTIC !! Fichissima. Jan Kurtz ci ha spedito un documento fantastico, un’intervista … Continua a leggere

Some articles all around the world

alcuni atleti sono diventati famosi nel loro Paese dopo questa impresa. Altri lo erano già e non hanno fatto che aumentare la loro popolaSome of our athletes have become celebrities in their own country after this wonderful record. Others were already and have just increased their popularity… some of them sended us the articles about their success and their hisotry. … Continua a leggere

Do you remember Sportweek??

The day before the start of the Tripledecaironman a photographer asked to all the athletes to make a picture with him, with the wetsuit. It has been exactly after the press conference and the lunch, in saturday. He took pictures of all the athletes. At the end of the event Nicolò – that’s the name of the guy – came … Continua a leggere

Split times about bike

In these days our timekeepers calculated some curiosity about the Tripledecaironman and the Deca too. So we publish now two kind of file. The first one is all the event, triple and Deca, with the better time in evidence (yellow sign) day by day, and the second file is the split time of the bike ride, day by day for … Continua a leggere

Come back to the Park

Today I went back to the Park The Quiet. There are so many things to fix, to return, to control, and in a beautiful sunny day, warm and pleasant, I’m back on the ‘crime scene’ or better … on the ‘place of the records‘…. Oggi sono ritornata al Parco La Quiete. Ci sono tante cose da sistemare, da restituire, da … Continua a leggere

New pictures for all

Few days ago we realize some beautiful pictures of the last days of the race. Monday 7, with swim, bike riding and run, and Tuesday 8 with the price giving ceremony and all the nice things around. You can see all the pictures on Google + Alcuni giorni fa il nostro fotografo ufficiale, Michael Minelli, ha realizzato delle bellissime … Continua a leggere

Video Triple and Deca Ironman Italy 2013

Just some images…who has seen with us Tuesday night knows that the music was different but unfortunately for copyright issues we can not use the same for You Tube. However, here’s a ten-minute video that sums up a bit ‘these days of competition. You can see also from the Google page, where you will also find also quite a few … Continua a leggere

Tripledecaironman, the day after

After the award ceremony and the buffet lunch prepared by Camst, last night all by Fabio, to La Scoperta for the goodbye dinner. An excuse to be together again, to watch movies and pictures, to talk togheter for a while, before parting. A unique awareness for all: no one will forget those thirty days. And no one will ever be the … Continua a leggere