Il mio nuovo MyBlog

Questo è un articolo (o post) di esempio per il tuo nuovo blog su MyBlog 🙂 Puoi modificarne titolo o testo, inserire immagini e video o, se vuoi, cancellarlo. Inizia subito a scrivere sul tuo blog ciò che più ti piace e ti interessa, pensa alle persone che lo leggeranno (da pc, da smartphone e da tablet) e buoni post! … Continua a leggere

Time of Price giving…

It ‘s the time of the awards, the Park The Quiet. The moment of emotion, when he finally realizes that the thirty days are over. It ‘s time for speeches, touching, delivery of prizes, diplomas. It ‘s time to put your feet especially under a table and finally eat like normal people, sitting at the table. E’ il momento delle … Continua a leggere

While everyone runs…

They all run tonight, no one wants just to walk, they’re all running because they want to get to the finish. See the light at the end of the tunnel as many of them say, and we with them. Us that we followed them all these days, along with the over 10,000 readers of this blog. Corrono tutti stasera, nessuno … Continua a leggere

Day 12, start the bicycle ride

A swim in the pool this morning before getting into the bike to tackle the 180 kilometers daily. The twelfth day of Ironman has begun and 10 athletes are still struggling for the record. This morning again the fastest in the pool was Jose Manuel Lopez who finished in 57 ‘.17 “in front of Kamil Suran and Greger Sundin who … Continua a leggere