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alcuni atleti sono diventati famosi nel loro Paese dopo questa impresa. Altri lo erano già e non hanno fatto che aumentare la loro popolaSome of our athletes have become celebrities in their own country after this wonderful record. Others were already and have just increased their popularity… some of them sended us the articles about their success and their hisotry. … Continua a leggere

Angelo Sorrentino, the last italian hero

  Angelo Sorrentino is the only Italian athlete still in the race for the Tripledecaironman. From the third day complains of pain in the foot, caused by bladders, but never gave up. Now he is with his dad, who will remain at his side until the end of this long adventure. Tonight, during the marathon we exchanged a few chats … Continua a leggere

The heroes of this Tripledecaironman Italy 2013

Wayne Kurtz has just finished tonight and this morning, perhaps, there would have bet. The pains in the legs are very strong and just got out of the pool this morning, after swimming could hardly walk. But tonight it came from America his friend Rick who will remain until the thirtieth day to help him. Still in full marathon are … Continua a leggere