Come back to the Park

Today I went back to the Park The Quiet. There are so many things to fix, to return, to control, and in a beautiful sunny day, warm and pleasant, I’m back on the ‘crime scene’ or better … on the ‘place of the records‘…. Oggi sono ritornata al Parco La Quiete. Ci sono tante cose da sistemare, da restituire, da … Continua a leggere

The first victory for Josè Manuel Lopez

He was waiting this moment from some days, and it arrived just one day after the end. The supporters, friends, her daughter have counted a lot in the victory of the Majorcan able today, on the 29th day, to win the Ironman. “I dedicate it to all the people who are following me on the blog and on Facebook,” said Jose Manuel … Continua a leggere