“This is a story about a man…”

Very cool ! Jan Kurtz send me a fantastic document about an interview CBS realized with Wayne Kurtz. It’s the local CBS of Pittsburgh and the journalist is Brenda Waters. Clic on this link and you’ll see the whole interview inside the evening daily news on the television. FANTASTIC !! Fichissima. Jan Kurtz ci ha spedito un documento fantastico, un’intervista … Continua a leggere

That’s rain !!

Only now we realize that up to this moment we were lucky. The rain of recent days was a joke in comparison. Today has given us time until 11, and then began the deluge. After the pool, 14 ° external temperature and 18 internal in the water, the athletes were up cycling again with the cloudy sky, but no rain … Continua a leggere

The wheather change…rain and cold against the Ironman

“Hey, I’m a guy from Hawaii, I can not stand this cold.” So this morning Chet Blanton kicked off its 12th not consecutive Ironman. The athlete of Honolulu this morning swam fast, but when he start with the bike, with the cloudy sky, was affected, like everyone else, to the lower temperature than other days … about 14 degrees. “Ehi, … Continua a leggere

Day 17, Steven Harvey, again !!

It ‘been a strange day, or rather, a day difficult to predict. This morning in swimming, Steven Harvey and Greger Sundin had started determined to bring home the victory. Of course, Lopez had won as always, even if fatigue is beginning to be felt in the Majorcan, but the two friends had swum stronger then normal, to take advantage on their stronger opponents … Continua a leggere

Greger Sundin win today the tenth Ironman !

He had already decided this morning to win. There is no doubt. The Swedish athlete start this morning already pushing hard in the swim and exited the pool for second behind only Jose Manuel Lopez that no one is able to beat in the session of swimming. Stir bike Greg outdistanced everyone, including his friend Steve Harvey with which, however, has … Continua a leggere

Day 9 – Result

Here there are the result of Day 9, Reed and Azuaje have finished but we are calculated their time. We’lll published later, asap.   TRIPLEDECAIRONMAN ITALY 2013 – Day 9 Bib Surname Name Sesso Country Time 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN 11.35.52 1 SZONYI FERENC M HUN 11.38.52 19 HARVEY STEVEN M UK 12.10.31 2 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 12.10.31 … Continua a leggere

Un professore… a caccia di record

They come from Sweden and are Stefan Zetterstrom and Gisela Lindoff, partners in life, at work and now also in this record. As others want to reach the threshold of 30 consecutive days, but in the Olympic sport. Both swim every day for a total of 1.5 km, pedaling for 40 miles and run for 10 km. Vengono dalla Svezia e … Continua a leggere

Day 4, Ferenc Szonyi the best of the day.

The news today is that there is no news … well, there are no negative news and this is wonderful. Today, the fourth day of this incredible record was undoubtedly the quietest of these 4 days. Despite the forecasts had predicted rain and storm all day long the sun has made the company to all participants in the Triple Deca … Continua a leggere

Day 3 – Result

We arrive in the 3rd day, but the first name to the top of the list doesn’t change. Again Kamil Suran the faster.   TRIPLE DECA IRONMAN 2013 ITALY – 3 DAY Pos Bib Surname Name Gender Nat Time 1 16 SURAN KAMIL M CZE 12:19:52.44 2 1 SZONYI FERENC M HUN 12:22:42.45 3 8 LOPEZ JOSÈ MANUEL M ESP … Continua a leggere

Day 3 – Kamil Suran, again….

The rain thankfully promise has not arrived today on Lonato, and in particular on the green Parc La Quiete. Kamil Suran won his third consecutive Ironman today and seems to want to continue on this same path. It will not be easy, however, because behind him there is now the Hungarian Ferenc Szonyi while his compatriot, Rokob has lost a … Continua a leggere