Rokob wins today. Victory number 13 in this Tripledecaironman

It’s his thirteenth victory in 26 days of competition. This means that so far has won half of those appearances. And it isn’t the sixth consecutive victory in the last six days because Greger Sundin interrupted his positive series, two days ago. A real steamroller Jozsef Rokob that can run consistently around 4′ 30″ for lap the whole marathon. His … Continua a leggere

Un Ironman singolo batte Lopez nel nuoto

His name is Fischer…Ingo Fischer ! But it has nothing to do with one of the policemen protagonists of the television series Cobra 11 German. However, comes from Germany and saw that he was on holiday at Lake Garda and has heard of this event … to spend a day different from the usual thought of coming to play an … Continua a leggere

1,15 o’clock pm..start to rain

The abundant rain expected all day Sunday this morning has graced the athletes and the organization of this Tripledecaironman Italy, 2013, from yesterday also Decaironman Italy 2013, until at 13.15 o’clock pm,  when the big clouds who roamed this morning on the Park The Quiet have opened and gave way to rain. La pioggia prevista abbondante per tutta la domenica … Continua a leggere