Split times of the run

We was waiting about. All the times about the marathon of the race of the Tripledecaironman Italy 2013, closed 20 days ago in Parco La Quiete, in Loanto (BS). As you know the Ironman has done of swin, ride bike, and run and here we have the times, day by day, for each athletes, tripledeca and deca. Li stavamo aspettando. … Continua a leggere

‘Robokob’ wins again !

The chrono times today are dramatically elongated. Because of the cold and rain, but Jozsef Rokob has shown that even bad weather can‘t stop him. He also won today, for the fourteenth time, even if the time is high, compared to the past few days. 12h.57’21” against 13h10‘.29″ of Ferenc Szonyi that today was also slowed by cramps, just during the … Continua a leggere

The console Hungarian visiting Ironman

In a bizarre way, but the news quickly made ​​the rounds of all Italy, reaching the ears of the Consul General of Hungary in Italy, Istvan Manno which today is presented in Lonato to congratulate his fellow citizens and to run even with them for a few kilometers. In maniera bizzarra, ma la notizia ha fatto il giro velocemente di tutta … Continua a leggere

3h43′ for the marathon: Rokob wins today too

Aggressive. It’s the adjective that can best describe the ‘Robokob’ today. What at this time with his legs under the table is enjoying his dinner with the traditional beer of the evening. The Hungarian today has not only won, he triumphed literally, tearing up all the others, so much so that at this time the finish line is just him. … Continua a leggere

Greger Sundin wins and pass in third position in the overall standing

Is it possible to the 24th consecutive day of Ironman wake up in the morning with the idea of ​​winning? One so tired body can accept such an idea? And above all, you wake up with this idea or is acquired during the day, depending on how you feel and from the reactions of the other competitors? Certainly today, when Greg … Continua a leggere

Matej Markovic repeat his performance

It’s still the Slovenian Matej Markovic who wins today, twenty-second day of Tripledecaironman Italy 2013, but for him the second day of Decaironman 2013. He put some minutes more then yesterday, but only a bit, to be precise 23 minutes, as he finished his day’s Ironman in 10h.55‘.27″. Jozsef Rokob was the fastest for the classification of Tripledeca, and finished … Continua a leggere

Record of Jozsef Rokob, less then 11 hours for 1 Ironman !!!

That was a day spent with bated breath. Last night after winning the third place in the seventeenth Ironman Jozsef Rokob had come out to celebrate: spaghetti, beer, wine and a nice sleep to get, this morning, in great shape at the start. And his result today shows that his pre tactic was successful. Not only did he win the … Continua a leggere

Greger Sundin…again !

A few minutes later than yesterday Greger Sundin has won his second consecutive Ironman and pass the threshold of the eleven consecutive. The time of Swedish now is 11hours.17‘.51 ” and is still a record time. Behind him came a few minutes later with a total of 11hours.31’51” Ferenc Szonyi. Pochi minuti più tardi rispetto a ieri Greger Sundin ha vinto … Continua a leggere

Day 9 – Result

Here there are the result of Day 9, Reed and Azuaje have finished but we are calculated their time. We’lll published later, asap.   TRIPLEDECAIRONMAN ITALY 2013 – Day 9 Bib Surname Name Sesso Country Time 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN 11.35.52 1 SZONYI FERENC M HUN 11.38.52 19 HARVEY STEVEN M UK 12.10.31 2 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 12.10.31 … Continua a leggere

Kamil Suran first again, in the second day

Sono le 12 e 31 e solo 13 atleti hanno tagliato il traguardo del secondo giorno del tentativo di record mondiale di Ironman consecutivi. Altri due stanno per finire mentre per qualcun’altro si prospetta una lunga nottata. Kamil Suran anche oggi è risultato il migliore con un tempo complessivo solo di 21′ superiore a quello di ieri. Il ceco – … Continua a leggere