Split times of the run

We was waiting about. All the times about the marathon of the race of the Tripledecaironman Italy 2013, closed 20 days ago in Parco La Quiete, in Loanto (BS). As you know the Ironman has done of swin, ride bike, and run and here we have the times, day by day, for each athletes, tripledeca and deca. Li stavamo aspettando. … Continua a leggere

Split times about bike

In these days our timekeepers calculated some curiosity about the Tripledecaironman and the Deca too. So we publish now two kind of file. The first one is all the event, triple and Deca, with the better time in evidence (yellow sign) day by day, and the second file is the split time of the bike ride, day by day for … Continua a leggere

Result at this moment

There is still 1 athlete on the ‘road’ this night. Wayne Kurtz just has finished some minutes ago, the night owl is Angelo Sorrentino to arrive at the end of his heroic adventure has yet to cover a little more than 25 laps. For the Deca are still running Thomas Brager Olson, Tony Fisher, and for the ‘series’ not consecutives … Continua a leggere

Tripledecaironman Italy 2013 – Result overall and day 23

Here the result about yesterday, 23rd day of this incredible adventure ! Rokob strengthens his lead in the overall standing on Szonyi, but the third position of Steven Harvey is now in danger…Sundin is approaching ! Ecco i risultati riguardanti ieri nel TriploDecaironman, 23° giorno totale. Rokob ha rinforzato il suo vantaggio su Szonyi ma anche nella terza posizione c’è … Continua a leggere

Matej Markovic repeat his performance

It’s still the Slovenian Matej Markovic who wins today, twenty-second day of Tripledecaironman Italy 2013, but for him the second day of Decaironman 2013. He put some minutes more then yesterday, but only a bit, to be precise 23 minutes, as he finished his day’s Ironman in 10h.55‘.27″. Jozsef Rokob was the fastest for the classification of Tripledeca, and finished … Continua a leggere

1,15 o’clock pm..start to rain

The abundant rain expected all day Sunday this morning has graced the athletes and the organization of this Tripledecaironman Italy, 2013, from yesterday also Decaironman Italy 2013, until at 13.15 o’clock pm,  when the big clouds who roamed this morning on the Park The Quiet have opened and gave way to rain. La pioggia prevista abbondante per tutta la domenica … Continua a leggere

33 Ironman riding around the Garda Lake…

17 athletes for Decaironman, 2 for the Olympic Distance, 9 for the Tripledecaironman. Along with them are started again this morning Chet Blanton, Tony Reed interested in trying to complete the decaironman. Also Vincent Catalano, Llorenc Granado and Kamil Suran are continuing their adventure. Kamil Suran yesterday closed its tenth consecutive Ironman, after the stop of the first day, while … Continua a leggere

Result about the tripledeca, and tomorrow will start the DECA

Here are the first results of this evening, the twentieth day of the Triplodecaironman Italy, 2013, with the first athletes to the finish, and with the legendary record of this first edition. Tomorrow we start with 17 new athletes that are in addition to the nine survivors of the Triplodeca, the more others will share that to dispute the Decaironman, … Continua a leggere

Record, record, record !! 10h.48′ for Greger Sundin

But who would have thought it? Who would have thought that the twentieth day these mythical, heroic Ironman, would realize the best time of all this adventure? All nine athletes started this morning for their twentieth consecutive Ironman are at the finish line, even if someone is still ‘missing’ at this time. But the first five have already arrived and … Continua a leggere

Result Day 19 at 11 pm, unofficial

Just some result unofficial about the day 19 of this Tripledecaironman Italy 2013.   Bib Surname Name Gender Naz DAY 19 TOT 1 SZONYI FERENC M HUN 11.30.43 226.04.49 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN 10.57.12 226.43.46 19 HARVEY STEVEN M UK 11.35.49 239.31.01 2 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 11.35.45 240.57.45 8 LOPEZ JOSÈ MANUEL M ESP 12.06.17 256.14.21 22 MEIER … Continua a leggere