Totale result about Day 18, and overall

Here you’ll find the result about yesterday, 18th day of race, and the overall result. Today 19th day of Tripledecaironman Italy 2013. The 9 athletes are still riding with their bicycle on the road, and the group of the new athletes for Decaironman, that will start saturday, start to arrive to Park La Quiete. About the victories of these days … Continua a leggere

Day 18 – Result at the moment

5 minutes after ten o’clock. Seven athletes have already finished the 18th day of this Tripledecaironman Italy 2013. The other will arrive in two hours, more or less.   Sono passate le dieci di sera da 5 minuti e sette atleti hanno già finito questo 18° giorno di gara nel Tripledecaironman Italy 2013. Gli altri arriveranno in circa altre due … Continua a leggere

Day 17 – Result and overall standing

Here it’s the result after the 17th day and the overall just in this moment of the race.   Surname Name Gender Naz DAY 17 TOT SZONYI FERENC M HUN 11.41.20 202.54.48 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN 11.59.54 204.55.46 HARVEY STEVEN M UK 11.39.15 215.36.29 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 11.45.37 218.03.26 LOPEZ JOSÈ MANUEL M ESP 13.49.52 231.01.26 MEIER DANIEL M … Continua a leggere

Result Day 16 and overall standings

Here you’ll find the result about yesterday, 16th day of the event. The Tripledecaironman Italy 2013 enter today in its 17th day with all the nine athletes at the start this morning. Yesterday, some minutes before midnight, Thea Henriksen enter in the legend! Now she is the record woman about consecutives Ironman: 11 Ironman in 11 days. Qui potete trovare … Continua a leggere

Update Day 16 – Tripledecaironman Italy 2013

Lacked a few minutes on the hour 7 pm when Sundin Greger crossed the finish line of the 16th day of consecutive Ironman Park La Quiete of Lonato. Today he wanted to win and it quickly became apparent as soon as he set foot in the park this afternoon to begin the race on foot. Its time now is exceptional … Continua a leggere

Official result Day 15 and overall standing

Here you’ll find the result, official, about the 15. day of competition and the overall standing. Ecco i risultati ufficiali della gara di ieri, quindicesimo giorno, nonchè della classifica generale al momento. Questa mattina sono ripartiti tutti gli atleti.   BIB Cognome Nome Sesso Country GIORNO 15 TOT 1 SZONYI FERENC M HUN 12.08.16 179.52.10 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN … Continua a leggere

Result Day 15, at the moment

Six athletes have already cut the finish line this evening of the fifteenth day of this world record 2013 Ironman. Of the nine athletes, six have ended before 10 pm, the others are running their marathon and close later.  Kamil Suran and Wayne Kurtz have 4 laps to the end and Jaime Azuaje 11,yet. Sei atleti hanno già tagliato la … Continua a leggere

Day 13 and Overall Standing – Result

Here you’ll find the result about yesterday, 13th day of this TripleDecaironman Italy 2013. In the other column you’ll find the total time of all the athletes making tripledecaironman italy 2013. Be careful because the order of the total ranking is incorrect, but times are correct and correspond to the individual athlete, although not in descending order. Ecco i risultati … Continua a leggere

Day 12 – Official Result

Here they are:  the result and the complete standing of the 12th day of this triple deca ironman Italy 2013. Ecco i risultati ufficiali della giornata di ieri, la dodicesima del tentativo di record mondiale di Ironman a Lonato (Bs).   Bib Surname Name Sesso Country Day 12 2 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 11.13.06 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN 11.37.06 … Continua a leggere

UNofficial result day 12

Waiting the crono confirmation and official standing here you’ll find the result of yesterday, 12 day of the Tripledecaironman Italy 2013. Aspettando la conferma dei giudici e i cronometristi qui trovate la classifica ufficiosa di ieri, 12 giorno di Tripledecaironman Italy 2013.   Bib Surname Name Sesso Country Day 12 2 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 11.13.06 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M … Continua a leggere