The night has just began…

The shortening of the days confuses more then normal ideas. It’s only half past eight but it seems already night here at the Park The Stillness of Lonato and applause tonight is overdue. Until now, only two athletes in the Tripledeca crossed the finish line and ended the 25. day of competition, and are Rokob and Ferenc Szonyi who got a 12h.16 … Continua a leggere

Steven Harvey suffer but doesn’t stop

2.36 pm : Greger Sundin and Steven Harvey pass the gate of the Park La Quiete at the end of the cycled session of 180 kilometers. They were quick today and now awaits the foot race. Greg is changed quickly and with a dish of pasta in hand start walking on the path, while Steven … Sono le 2,36 pm quando … Continua a leggere

Update Day 9, at 8,40 p.m.

Jozsef Rokob won again today. At 7 o’clock p.m. he passes the finish line of day 9 in 11hours.35′.52″, wonderful time for the hungarian that seems don’t be tired after nine days. Behind him we find Ferenc Szonyi with a global time of 11hours.38’52” just 3 minutes of difference. Un’altra vittoria per Jozsef Rokob, la quinta consecutiva in questo Triplo … Continua a leggere