Some articles all around the world

alcuni atleti sono diventati famosi nel loro Paese dopo questa impresa. Altri lo erano già e non hanno fatto che aumentare la loro popolaSome of our athletes have become celebrities in their own country after this wonderful record. Others were already and have just increased their popularity… some of them sended us the articles about their success and their hisotry. … Continua a leggere

New pictures for all

Few days ago we realize some beautiful pictures of the last days of the race. Monday 7, with swim, bike riding and run, and Tuesday 8 with the price giving ceremony and all the nice things around. You can see all the pictures on Google + Alcuni giorni fa il nostro fotografo ufficiale, Michael Minelli, ha realizzato delle bellissime … Continua a leggere

Video Triple and Deca Ironman Italy 2013

Just some images…who has seen with us Tuesday night knows that the music was different but unfortunately for copyright issues we can not use the same for You Tube. However, here’s a ten-minute video that sums up a bit ‘these days of competition. You can see also from the Google page, where you will also find also quite a few … Continua a leggere

Tripledecaironman, the day after

After the award ceremony and the buffet lunch prepared by Camst, last night all by Fabio, to La Scoperta for the goodbye dinner. An excuse to be together again, to watch movies and pictures, to talk togheter for a while, before parting. A unique awareness for all: no one will forget those thirty days. And no one will ever be the … Continua a leggere

Two hungarians in the first two places

Jozsef Rokob after crossing the finish line has been subjected to the photo session of Niccolò, the photographer who is here for Sport Week (Gazzetta dello Sport) but while he is being photographed asks how far it is to Ferenc Szony to cross the finish line. The answer that has just arrived and then he tries to congratulate him. They … Continua a leggere

Sundin wins the last day and Rokob wins the Tripledecaironman

They all rush to finish while the light drizzle falls on the park The Stillness. The first to reach the finish line is Greger Sundin that this morning had his ultimate goal, to win the last day and for this reason has pushed hard from the first moment of the day. The second to cross the finish line is Jozsef Rokob, … Continua a leggere

That’s rain !!

Only now we realize that up to this moment we were lucky. The rain of recent days was a joke in comparison. Today has given us time until 11, and then began the deluge. After the pool, 14 ° external temperature and 18 internal in the water, the athletes were up cycling again with the cloudy sky, but no rain … Continua a leggere

Rain…cold…last terrible days

This morning we started one of the most terrible days of all the Tripledecaironman Italy 2013. The outside temperature was 11° and in the swimming pool the water was more or less 17°. To find the courage to go inside the pool it’s a thing just for real man, and woman! Questa mattina è cominciata una delle giornata più terribili … Continua a leggere

The supporters…strange people

In these days we are living cheek to cheek with the supporters of the athletes. And even with all of their friends who come to visit them during the event. Some may be only a few days, others remain a day, others can stay here at the Park The Quiet even a week. There are wives, sons and daughters, friends, … Continua a leggere

Record for Lopez in the swin: 3,8 km in 55’11”

I know, I know, it’s unbelivible. In the 27th day of Ironman it’s possible bit a record and swim for 3,8 km in 55’11”. Josè Manuel Lopez has done, this morning. May be thanks to the presence of his daughter, and the other friend, but anyway, he successful! Lo so, lo so, sembra impossibile. Nel 27 giorno di Ironman non … Continua a leggere