Rokob wins today. Victory number 13 in this Tripledecaironman

It’s his thirteenth victory in 26 days of competition. This means that so far has won half of those appearances. And it isn’t the sixth consecutive victory in the last six days because Greger Sundin interrupted his positive series, two days ago. A real steamroller Jozsef Rokob that can run consistently around 4′ 30″ for lap the whole marathon. His … Continua a leggere

Angelo Sorrentino, the last italian hero

  Angelo Sorrentino is the only Italian athlete still in the race for the Tripledecaironman. From the third day complains of pain in the foot, caused by bladders, but never gave up. Now he is with his dad, who will remain at his side until the end of this long adventure. Tonight, during the marathon we exchanged a few chats … Continua a leggere

3h43′ for the marathon: Rokob wins today too

Aggressive. It’s the adjective that can best describe the ‘Robokob’ today. What at this time with his legs under the table is enjoying his dinner with the traditional beer of the evening. The Hungarian today has not only won, he triumphed literally, tearing up all the others, so much so that at this time the finish line is just him. … Continua a leggere

Result 24th days Tripledecaironman and 4th of Decairon at this moment

Eight athletes of the 14en on the Decaironman Italy 2013 and six of the eight still in the race for the TriploDeca have already arrived to closing of this day that for the first group is the fourth in the race, for the other ‘survivors’ is the 24th! Here are the results at this time, when they are a little past … Continua a leggere

Greger Sundin wins and pass in third position in the overall standing

Is it possible to the 24th consecutive day of Ironman wake up in the morning with the idea of ​​winning? One so tired body can accept such an idea? And above all, you wake up with this idea or is acquired during the day, depending on how you feel and from the reactions of the other competitors? Certainly today, when Greg … Continua a leggere

Tripledecaironman Italy 2013 – Result overall and day 23

Here the result about yesterday, 23rd day of this incredible adventure ! Rokob strengthens his lead in the overall standing on Szonyi, but the third position of Steven Harvey is now in danger…Sundin is approaching ! Ecco i risultati riguardanti ieri nel TriploDecaironman, 23° giorno totale. Rokob ha rinforzato il suo vantaggio su Szonyi ma anche nella terza posizione c’è … Continua a leggere

Un Ironman singolo batte Lopez nel nuoto

His name is Fischer…Ingo Fischer ! But it has nothing to do with one of the policemen protagonists of the television series Cobra 11 German. However, comes from Germany and saw that he was on holiday at Lake Garda and has heard of this event … to spend a day different from the usual thought of coming to play an … Continua a leggere

Result at the moment for 23rd day and 3rd day

Today was the 23rd day for the Tripledecaironman and the third for the Decaironman Italy 2013. The best time in the day was that one of Rokob, overall result, and for the Decaironman was that of Matej Markovic. Some details on the cronos…. Oggi era il 23esimo giorno di Triplo ed il terzo per il Decaironman Italy 2013. Il miglior … Continua a leggere

Rokob wins again…

He wanted to win the day, in spite of the athletes of the Decaironman that are fresher and, therefore, the past two days have lowered, and enough, the cronos. Jozsef Rokob really wanted this win today, but above all he wanted to put aside a little of minutes, compared to Ferenc Szonyi, and he succeeded. Now the difference between the … Continua a leggere

The wheather change…rain and cold against the Ironman

“Hey, I’m a guy from Hawaii, I can not stand this cold.” So this morning Chet Blanton kicked off its 12th not consecutive Ironman. The athlete of Honolulu this morning swam fast, but when he start with the bike, with the cloudy sky, was affected, like everyone else, to the lower temperature than other days … about 14 degrees. “Ehi, … Continua a leggere