Come back to the Park

Today I went back to the Park The Quiet. There are so many things to fix, to return, to control, and in a beautiful sunny day, warm and pleasant, I’m back on the ‘crime scene’ or better … on the ‘place of the records‘…. Oggi sono ritornata al Parco La Quiete. Ci sono tante cose da sistemare, da restituire, da … Continua a leggere

Two hungarians in the first two places

Jozsef Rokob after crossing the finish line has been subjected to the photo session of Niccolò, the photographer who is here for Sport Week (Gazzetta dello Sport) but while he is being photographed asks how far it is to Ferenc Szony to cross the finish line. The answer that has just arrived and then he tries to congratulate him. They … Continua a leggere

That’s rain !!

Only now we realize that up to this moment we were lucky. The rain of recent days was a joke in comparison. Today has given us time until 11, and then began the deluge. After the pool, 14 ° external temperature and 18 internal in the water, the athletes were up cycling again with the cloudy sky, but no rain … Continua a leggere

Rokob wins today. Victory number 13 in this Tripledecaironman

It’s his thirteenth victory in 26 days of competition. This means that so far has won half of those appearances. And it isn’t the sixth consecutive victory in the last six days because Greger Sundin interrupted his positive series, two days ago. A real steamroller Jozsef Rokob that can run consistently around 4′ 30″ for lap the whole marathon. His … Continua a leggere

33 Ironman riding around the Garda Lake…

17 athletes for Decaironman, 2 for the Olympic Distance, 9 for the Tripledecaironman. Along with them are started again this morning Chet Blanton, Tony Reed interested in trying to complete the decaironman. Also Vincent Catalano, Llorenc Granado and Kamil Suran are continuing their adventure. Kamil Suran yesterday closed its tenth consecutive Ironman, after the stop of the first day, while … Continua a leggere

Day 17, Steven Harvey, again !!

It ‘been a strange day, or rather, a day difficult to predict. This morning in swimming, Steven Harvey and Greger Sundin had started determined to bring home the victory. Of course, Lopez had won as always, even if fatigue is beginning to be felt in the Majorcan, but the two friends had swum stronger then normal, to take advantage on their stronger opponents … Continua a leggere

The first one of Steven Harvey

Stops the positive series of Greger Sundin, but when he crosses the finish line find there, still waiting for him, to embrace him, even if he still missing at least eight laps. The victory of Steven Harvey is a pleasure for everyone. For his dad, for friends who have come in these days and Steve wants them all with him … Continua a leggere

56 minutes for the swim for Josè Manuel Lopez

The sun was hidden behind the clouds but the temperature of both, air and water, was better today, at 7.45 am when the athletes entered the water for the swimming session of 3.8 km in this thirteenth day of consecutive Ironman. Jose Manuel Lopez was again the fastest swimming in 56’30“, coming out of the pool in front of Kamil … Continua a leggere

Day 11 – Result

Here you’ll find the result about yesterday, day 11 . Questi i risultati della giornata di ieri, undicesimo giorno di gara.   Bib Surname Name Sesso Country Day 11 2 SUNDIN GREGER M SWE 11.17.51 1 SZONYI FERENC M HUN 11.31.51 14 ROKOB JOZSEF M HUN 11.51.03 16 SURAN KAMIL M CZE 12.32.20 19 HARVEY STEVEN M UK 12.49.43 6 … Continua a leggere